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- much years to power industry summary has how much experience lessons
- in order to fundamentally eliminate the occurrence of an accident
- especially foot and this looks has nothing to do with life insurance products are
- important quality of footwear personal protective equipment test methods and quality
- To be expected is that some small businesses because of the increased cost

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 much years to power industry summary has how much experience lessons Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

not tight solid, on will led to equipment in run in the fever, and sometimes a small of touch points contact bad will led to package equipment cannot run. These details of the flaw are invisible from the surface, if not checked, a glossed over, it may lead to accidents. Therefore, whether it is maintenance or equipment defect elimination requires careful, not every link, fully guarantee the maintenance quality   cheap oakley deviation sunglasses singapore   of defect elimination, the equipment running safely and reliably, so as to reflect the security management capacity,This requires that safety regulators each meticulously planned in advance, dangerous points analysis real analysis on key positions and key, managed to grasp all the links. Grab the details, details on each work process, work safety to state assets, small enough to involve vital interests of individuals, far-reaching. Safety is no small matter, "any violation can be stopped, and any risk can be controlled, any accident could have been avoided", the key is that we want to focus on every detail, must think big, small,

 from the subtle ability to sublimate our safety management. Each a bit employees focused on has safety details, power safety on heavy in prevention, we are knows power enterprise is technology intensive enterprise, power accident of loss and effects is cannot measure of, due to sent powered equipment are cannot isolated run, so power equipment of security or not will directly effects to whole power system of security run, once occurred power accident, light who caused personal or general equipment accident, heavy who will appeared equipment major accident and personal casualties accident,  oakley sunglasses racing jacket singapore  how much years to power industry summary has how much experience lessons, Gradually form a whole sets of pre-control measures, played a good role, be vigilant in peace time, alarm bells ringing and take preventive measures, must not wait until the "man" after "experience". First of all, in a "control" Word, safe work, with the emphasis on prevention. With this "anti" will have "peace." Secondly,Grasp the two "full" Word is "full" and "process". Focus on improving "full" of safety consciousness. Elements in the productive forces and

 production relations, is the first element. Who are the subject of work safety, is to ensure smooth production, prevent accidents of all measures and actions taken by the organizers, planners and controllers. So really the key to the implementation of security people, lies in the human sense of safety. The third, dealing with four "relationship": the relation between safety and benefit, there is no safety benefit can only be a temporary benefit; safety and quality relationships. Safety cover quality, quality support and safety, there is no quality without security; relationship between chance and certainty. Occasional stacking was inevitable. Power production accidents had its chance, as well as most of its inevitability. Good at seeking from accidental and enact preventive measures, seize the initiative to prevent accidents. This made it possible to reduce accidents, accidental; and wider relationship. Must be strict management, strict measures to stop illegal and serious criticism of education; for lessons learned from serious


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 in order to fundamentally eliminate the occurrence of an accident Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

introspection; liability for accidents must be strictly in place; preventive measures must be strictly implemented. In times of economic penalties, mostly dominated by wide, the penalty is only a means, employee awareness is the goal, or it will be upside down. Finally, prevention is to educate workers about safety training, workers learn technical skills, set up safety awareness, attaches great importance   oakley dispatch sunglasses cheap singapore   to production safety and learn how to do, how to do to be safe, and gradually form a good atmosphere of safety precautions. The group "three no" safety concept,Profound interpretation of safety first, prevention first and comprehensive approach to security, preventing the effectiveness of management is in charge of safety, effective suppression of personnel misconduct in a timely manner; investigation analysis on human unsafe behavior, equipment in the State of insecurity, environmental insecurity factors in controlling the production process on the basis of security risk factors; final destination reflects the need to avoid any

incidents. Ancient Xun Kuang said, "on the prevention, rescue, and quit for the next" preventive work is safety a top priority, did not move, safety first,As long as the security analysis of the daily management of advance planning in place, real rise for safety of security, so that security becomes a conscious action, in order to fundamentally eliminate the occurrence of an accident, it is the bounden duty of safety managers. Statement: International Shoe Web exclusive articles, reproduced, please indicate the  oakley commit sq sunglasses discount singapore  source. Speaking of labor protection articles, we may first thought is hard hats, belts, gloves, safety shoes, protective boots, which used to protect the worker's foot supplies, are often neglected. In fact, as people in the use of tools, machines and material handling operations of operation, the foot is usually at its lowest position posture at any time come into contact with heavy, hard, angular object, so that it cuts by blunt trauma, or crushed on the other, if wrong, the body will lose its balance, undermined the

normal posture may cause an accident. So it seems that safety equipment is particularly important to protect feet. According to operating conditions and a special suitable protective footwear, it is possible to prevent foot injury. However, you have a pair of "shoes"? Do you understand the functionality of protective footwear? The relatively common protective footwear include: safety shoes, rubber shoes, antistatic and conductive footwear, steel shoe and shoe cover, winter shoes, there is also suitable for laborers soles soles reinforced insulation, suitable for construction workers, food, brewery worker soles damp-proof protective footwear and so on. Protective functions set focuses on the working environment and conditions, generally with anti-slip, resistant to puncture, crush-proof function, the other is with a specific function, such as conductive, corrosion-proof.It is understood that the present industrial commercial enterprises for various types of production safety accidents in China every year, tens of thousands of deaths more

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 especially foot and this looks has nothing to do with life insurance products are Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

 than l million people. In addition, the occupational hazards is very serious. At present, more than l 6 million poisonous or harmful, occupational hazards, more than 200 million people. To minimize casualties and reduce occupational hazards, in addition to establish and improve the responsibility system, increased capital investment, improvement of the security conditions and safety facilities, they also need to  oakley radar edge lenses singapore   improve standards for personal protective equipment, and raise the level of personal protective equipment, and strengthen workers ' ability to protect themselves. Why are some workers wear slippers? Do not wear a helmet, accidental damage, due to injury are the head, is likely to result in serious injury or even death, but do not wear protective footwear, felt much lighter in comparison, is rarely life-threatening. It is because of this reason, wear the correct protective footwear is often ignored by workers. Cheng Jun of the State labour protection products quality supervision and inspection center senior engineer in an interview,

said that when they went to the construction site inspections, found that many workers wear sneakers or slippers. According to the regulation, must be in accordance with the needs of workers on the construction site wearing a protective toe safety shoes, shoe with steel toecap, can effectively avoid the crushing hard objects, metal stamp external injuries. But the workers wore sneakers or slippers, not even play a role in protection of the toe. Statistics show that in China personal protective equipment industry after 50Many years of development, has become a fairly comprehensive, relatively stable  oakley fast jacket sunglasses cheap singapore supply, product variety is relatively abundant, can basically meet the needs of production industry in reducing casualties and played an important role in the protection of workers ' health. But because the concept was delayed for various reasons, personal protective equipment is ignored by most people, especially foot and this looks has nothing to do with life insurance products are ignored. Some workers think that clothing and footwear

without expecting unification dressed or embodied in the welfare of the unit, and in some cases personal protective equipment does not meet the demands of modern production, which leads to personal protective equipment, including safety footwear are not ignored. It is known that for a long time, personal protective equipment industry compared with other high-tech industries and developed industries, investment and slow development. Some of the major high tech, high standard products are exported. For example, in 2000 to enter the field of personal protection, total exports for the first of 5 straight years of PVC industrial boot record sunflower international group (China) limited most of its turnover came from exports to Europe. Its officials say that they are not unwilling to sales in the domestic market, but limited to domestic businesses invested less in labor protective equipment, and related laws and regulations of the State carried out was not enough, the industry standard is lagging behind. Cheng Jun also said that one restricts

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 important quality of footwear personal protective equipment test methods and quality Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

 the development of protective footwear is boots's cost. On the background of the current situation, acceptable price of purchase of protective footwear enterprises also exist in a relatively low level, which also determines the cost of products at a low price, resulting in quality cheap shoes can't pass.New standards needed to develop progressively in terms of personal protective equipment in China   buy oakley split jacket sunglasses singapore  move closer to EU standards and ISO standards have never stopped, but with social progress, increasing demand for the variety and quality of the personal protective equipment, which provides space for personal protective equipment products, also put forward higher requirements for its standard. Back in 1988, the original national labor protective equipment Standardization Technical Committee to carry out a study on the standard system of labor protection articles. Several times because of changes in labour protection standards did not meet the desired objectives. With China entering the WTO,ISO standard changes, as well as the

current work safety requirements, put forward new requirements for personal protective equipment standards. It is learned that, China has formulated and promulgated a series of national standards for personal protective equipment and industry standards, there are some national standards in the process of being developed. On involving security shoes boots of standard, December 2005, by in the steel group Wuhan security environmental Institute presided over drafted developed (Amendment) of four items national standards through audited, this four items standard is  oakley sunglasses fuel cell singapore  individual protective equipment--shoes of test method, and individual protective equipment--security shoes, and individual protective equipment--protective shoes and individual protective equipment--career shoes in Fujian Xiamen through has by national individual protective equipment standardization technology Committee (CSBTS/TC112) The organizations audited. The four covers as an important quality of footwear personal protective equipment test methods and quality standards.

The four criteria (or revision) of work completed, for promoting the improved quality of footwear, protective equipment, communicating with international practice, is of great significance. National Labor protective equipment quality supervision and inspection center, Cheng Jun senior engineer told reporters, more than the four new standard for protective footwear approval were completed in 2006. These four standards, including safety shoes, protective shoes, professional shoes, the original standard (including the General specification for dielectric footwear, the General technical requirements for resistance oil protective footwear, etc) is very big change. Original national standards are industry standard, is the national ALD promulgated by the Ministry of labour of the Ministry of labour standards, focused on protecting the toe area, and does not reflect a comprehensive protection. In the original standards, in addition to the outside of the General specification for dielectric footwear, the rest of the standard will be

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 To be expected is that some small businesses because of the increased cost Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

replaced by a new standard. Cheng Jun said, safety shoes, protective footwear requirements and standards there is a big difference, mainly reflected in the original standard shoes involved function is single, but due to the complex workplaces, site protection should have the versatility of the foot; the new standard uses the international standard, ISO standards, which is consistent with European standards. In addition, safety shoes, protective footwear in the original on the basis of added extras.  oakley scalpel sunglasses lenses singapore   Field of occupational footwear, mainly for toe protection-free shoes, embodying a comprehensive protection, higher than that of domestic standards and comprehensive. She said that new standards are also currently not implemented. Because of the need to inform the WTO for 3 months, it is understood that this standard has been in 6Months, estimated in September, will revert back and then determine, and will be formally implemented. How the new standard will change? New standards will be on the domestic manufacturer of safety footwear

 business to bring great changes? Cheng Jun said that the new standards mainly on technological capacity test. Is the shoe producing country, some big shoe-making enterprises in Guangdong and Tianjin, its products mainly export-oriented. Therefore, they have met international standards, European standard, there should be no problems with the implementation of the new standard. Not just the protective properties of the new standards emphasize, physical and mechanical and comfort also has a high demand, which is more humane. This will lead to higher cost  discount oakley sunglasses holbrook singapore  of safety shoes. To be expected is that some small businesses because of the increased cost, fail or not up to the appropriate standard, and some large enterprises, enterprises with sufficient production capacity, because the increase in production, you can offset the effect of cost increases, so that enterprises have a better development. But some other companies, due to the small scale of production, may also be handmade artisanal production, made safety shoes

performance not stable enough, the need to enhance quality control in some way. What kind of shoes to wear protective footwear for monitoring what the lack of supervision, said Cheng Jun, this is a cause of the accident. The lack of supervision contributed to the accident, or incident occurred when workers suffer greater harm.She said, for users, should you wear shoes, according to the professional needs of its protective function of shoes, what do, no one to oversee such work. Some enterprises have a safety check, but their efforts often fail to, or safety officer cannot find protective footwear for workers do not qualify. Another purpose of the regulation is to examine the shoes meet the occupational requirements. Cheng Jun, said companies and enterprises in General when purchasing insurance products through insurance companies, even large companies, not necessarily directly in touch with our producers purchase the product, then insurance companies in terms of quality goods will meet your requirements, is one of the. Those working without supervision, has also led to a number of unqualified labor supplies flowing into users hands.

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